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Ravenswood Gold is committed to responsible and sustainable development and operations within the community through:

  • Considering community aspects and impacts in all stages of operations and development.

  • Taking all practicable steps to prevent or minimise impacts of the operations on the local community.

  • Maintaining effective community and stakeholder engagement and management systems and practices.

  • Compliance with the Strong and Sustainable Resource Communities Act 2017 (Qld) by maintaining a principally local and regional residential or drive-in drive-out workforce.

  • Working to maintain a positive and open relationship with the local community and stakeholders through effective communication.

  • Ensuring the local community are kept up to date on operations and any changes that may affect them.

  • Fostering sustainable social and economic initiatives through the Tourism Directions plan, supporting local organisations and providing local sponsorship opportunities.

  • Sourcing local and regional supplies and services where practicable.

  • Ensuring all persons working on site are aware of and executing their responsibilities associated with community aspects.

  • Involving the community, employees and business partners in continuous improvement of community and stakeholder engagement and management systems and practices.

Ravenswood Gold will ensure all employees and contractors are aware of this Policy and the importance of the company’s relationship with and responsibility to the community.

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