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Ravenswood is committed to ensuring the highest health and safety standards across our mining operations.

Our Health and safety program is committed to 

  • Provide visible leadership and to never walk past an unsafe condition or unsafe act.

  • Continually place the Health and Safety of our workers as a priority over production.

  • Maintain clear and open communication lines for safety-related information between all levels of the business

  • Demonstrate a commitment towards achieving an injury-free workplace.

  • Involve all employees and business partners in the improvement of Occupational Health and Safety performance, through open communication and consultation.

  • Ensure all employees and business partners are aware of their responsibility for the safety of themselves and their workmates.

  • Ensure all individuals are competent to carry out their work safely and are provided with the resources to do so.

  • Implement risk management systems to identify, assess, monitor and control hazards in the workplace.

  • Commit to providing adequate health care to all workers and the Ravenswood community

  • Continuously aim to improve safety-related performance

  • Meet or exceed all relevant legal obligations.

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